Your best e liquid in the UK and why 

The other day my fiancé and I were talking Over a nice old vape and we began discussing which is our favourite / best e liquid sold in this country and why it i the best. I mean we were talking about the best of the best, that pinnacle flavour where you take one puff and you go, wow that is incredible, I want another one. Gimme, Gimme. This is the type of flavour we were discussing about and towards the end we came to a sort of crossroad with each looking to go opposite ways.

My fiancé like any other girl is a fan of cocktails with her ultimate favourites being a mojito or piña colada. She likes a sweet alcoholic drink most of the time and crammed with loads of sugar but when it comes to e cigarettes and most importantly to e liquids she likes it with a little bit of a kick. Her favourite e liquid of all time is Roast Chicken and here comes the kicker she is actually a vegetarian. Haha I almost died from laughter when she told me this but she said if she had to pick a flavour to vape for the rest of her life it would be that.
So after wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard, I began sieving through all the lovely flavours I have tried throughout my life and I think there was one that really stood out for me. It was a blueberry blast from besteliquiduk. Oh my gosh, it was so nice it was like a blast (sounds like a cliche I know) of flavour similar to a blueberry muffin every time I vaped. The site is down for a few weeks as they are moving factory location and giving it a facelift.
But be sure to check it out very cool e liquid flavors. I also like another one from a different company that has stopped production but that was something called demon blood or blood somerset or something like that but it was like a cherry welcoming and soothing on your tongue one has never come across before. SO what about you guys and girls, tell us your favorite e juice that has ever met or fondled your taste buds and why. It would also be nice to know who makes it and where we can get some. So c’mon people is it mint, tobacco, brandy, fruity flavours, sweet flavors or maybe bitter ones?